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Postby Nancy W on Thu Apr 13, 2006 2:49 pm

Edee wrote:Lrk's right James, Remember Nancy W.s dog Copper. That mean little so-in-so, LOL.

He's all nice and happy when you offer him a piece of your lunch, but later on when you go to pet him, he gets nasty, LOL.

Now Edee, don't snitch on my sweet little baby-boy-dog. You should have seen him. We took him to settlement on the Allens's Fresh farm (we know the attorney likes dogs, and Copper has been there before), he just stretched out under the settlement table at our feet, and took a nap. Didn't get treats from anyone and didn't growl at anyone either. We kept watching him, and the secreatary kept saying, "See mom, I'm a good being a good boy!"
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Postby Ben Mayworth on Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:39 pm

We have never had any intruders in this house.

One thing concerns my parents is the windows that won't lock. We have been working to fix them, but some of them won't even shut all the way, the wood keeps swelling up.
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Postby conniem on Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:05 am

My dad and mom have lots of guns...dad sleeps with one right next to his bed. My husband and I don't own one. I am hoping that one day I will inherit my great-grandfathers shotgun that my dad has now (it doesn't even work....it is just a family treasure). Anyway, I told mom that I felt safer with dogs than a gun. We have 2 great danes and a sheltie (the danes would quake with fear while the sheltie barked her head off....danes truly are gentle giants) and my mom said that a burglar would shoot my dogs and I told her that may be true, but a burglar could take my gun and shoot me but couldn't sic my dogs on me!
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Postby Neighmond on Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:51 am

That's the good thing about a dog!

You can be the worst sort of scoundral, and your dog still thinks you are the end-all be-all!
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Postby treewoman on Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:18 am

I guess I am being naive, but I believe if someone wants to find a way in, they will. I've had my share of dogs, one I even had to teach to bark! However, dogs are high maintenance for my lifestyle, and involve picking up doggie crap. My cats give me good company and also find plumbing leaks, something no dog would do!

I refuse to lose sleep over security. I grew up in the country where we never locked our doors, even when we went on vacation. I guess that has carried over with me. I do try to remember to lock my doors, but then sometimes I forget to close the garage door! Nothing has been stolen yet.

I won't have a gun in the house, because I believe that if someone comes in and sees you with a gun, they are more likely to shoot or harm you, feeling threatened. My nephew's wife asked me once if I was afraid to live here all alone, and did I actually sleep with my windows open? Well, no I'm not afraid, and yes, I sleep with windows open. Slitting a screen, breaking glass, neither takes huge amount of effort.

I guess if I was that scared about safety and security, I wouldn't live here. I know, I am both LUCKY and naive. I carry insurance to take care of anything that might be stolen/damaged. Things can be replaced, people can't.

By the way, I think house alarms are pretty useless; used to live next to a mansion whose alarm was going off all the time- owners always were setting it off themselves. After a while we just got used to it and ignored it, kind of like car alarms in a parking lot.
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Postby MattStiltner on Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:17 am

While I'm not too concerned about it personally, I mean I left $100+ power tools laying in the yard overnight as a "test".

Nobody took em then, so if you won't take em in plain sight, I doubt I'll have to fight much to keep em out.

With that said, my wife wants to buy a German Shepard. Not so much for security, but because she grew up with them, and she loves the breed of dog. I can't say I have the same appreciation, as I had a mini-doberman and a basset hound as a kid. But she found someone in the local rag wtih AKC Shep's for $300, so that has now overtaken her desire to own a new self propelled lawnmower :lol:
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Postby jeepnstein on Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:40 am

I'm sure her heart is in the right place. Once you have a good German Shepherd nothing else will ever suit you. They make very few demands, just respect and some attention. A bad one, well, let's just say you will remember every waking minute with such an animal. It's true that other dogs do certain tasks better than a GSD but none are suited to such a wide variety of tasks, they are the Boy Scout Knife of the dog world.

Ok, now my sermon of the day. Consider rescue or adoption. I understand the desire to start one off as a pup but there are some wonderful dogs out there who would give everything they have for a loving home. I got my last one from a kennel who trains and breeds good dogs but just couldn't stomach having a white one on the place. They have a good reputation but I think they're breeding program must have been a little out of whack to produce a "faulty" dog like Hondo. Good luck whatever you decide.

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Postby al_roethlisberger on Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:22 pm

We currently have a security system in our home, but that's really for two reasons:

1) The POs had already installed it
2) During the renovation, we aren't living in the house full-time, so the fire detection and alerting the FD automatically is a big +.

.... oh and 3, the insurance company pretty much required it because of the renovations and lack of full-time occupancy.

But although we live in an improving historic district, just one block away there are some questionable residences and occupants(according to the neighbors).

But we don't feel unsafe, and talking to all the neighbors, they don't either.

Although nothing is a panacea, I think one of the most effective things one can do is get to know your neighbors. They are some of the best "alarms" you'll ever have, and tight-knit neighborhood is one of the best defenses against problems. It sort of feeds on itself, where everyone builds a sense of community, yards get cleaned up, people are out walking, hanging out on their porches and front lawns instead of hiding out back.... it really can make a difference that any miscreant will notice.

Like water and electricity, most criminals are lazy and will take the path of least resistance. If the neighborhood looks like the residents are well networked and are keeping an eye on things, that is less attractive than a neighborhood that looks almost deserted because everyone is secreted away in their own worlds.

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Security in an old house

Postby James on Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:44 pm

I agree good neighbors are good security, BUT when you live out in the country and cannot see another house from yours, they are of limited value. You have to hope they drive by and spot something and then take note of it. And as for the dog, well I have one and she did not turn up till an hour after the last deputy had left my house on the night of the break in. If she and been in the house instead of the yard would it have made a difference, I don't know. She does sleep inside but usually is outside all day. Mid sized mutt that someone threw out this winter and I fed rather than call the pound to come get her. How one of the cats ended up here too. Maybe I should consider the geese idea. I remember my uncle used to keep guineas and I recall them being loud. Pass by a trailer on my way into town everyday that I see has a couple of them, do they serve the same purpose I wonder?
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Re: Security in an old house

Postby Abuela on Mon Apr 17, 2006 8:31 pm

James wrote:Maybe I should consider the geese idea. I remember my uncle used to keep guineas and I recall them being loud. Pass by a trailer on my way into town everyday that I see has a couple of them, do they serve the same purpose I wonder?

Guineas are definitely a great "guard bird," better than geese from what the birdfolk I know tell me, plus they'll eat a lot of the nasty bugs in the yard (ticks are a particular treat!) and even possibly some of the smaller rodents! I'd love to be able to have a couple of guineas.
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