Clamtown progress - new pictures

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Clamtown progress - new pictures

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I know how you all love to look at pictures, so I figured I'd pass along some more I downloaded this morning. The progress has been steady, and there's still a LOT to do, but we're getting there. Move in date is 2 weeks from now. I'm really LOVING the kitchen.

Here's the link:

Carpet's going in the stairs & upstairs hall, polyurethene on the downstairs parlors (the front room only needs a second coat). The kitchen backsplashes are going in today, and the upstairs bath is getting white beadboard and the walls are getting painted. Wrought iron stair rail will also be installed this week. I really love the way the stairs look now that it's opened up. Found some really cute trim toppers (the name escapes me right now), and they're smaller but match the existing ones beautifully. New floor in the laundry room and upstairs bathroom. This house has had the electrical and plumbing TOTALLY re-done (found a few surprises along the way, as I'm sure many of you have - initially we didn't plan to do so much work!). :roll:

We plan to do more after we move in, but it's finally getting to the point we'll be able to move. All I need now is the oven to be hooked up! Been frantically packing our house and moving the smaller stuff while trying to clean both houses. I'm pooped! Can't wait to finally move in and have a couch to sit on.


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Re: Clamtown progress - new pictures

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I am a total curmudgeon and usually don't love kitchen renovation, but I SO MUCH appreciate how your kitchen cabinets match the built-in and the doors. So much.


P.S. Yay for pictures! : )
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