Clamtown house is now inhabited!

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Clamtown house is now inhabited!

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Hi all,

It's been quite awhile since I've check in, but I've been SOOOO busy finishing things up and moving during the FRIGID month of January. The house is now complete (well, as much as it will be for awhile) and I figured I'd share some pictures:

Still need to take the bedroom pictures, but they're really not much to brag about. I'm really happy with the sewing room, and I really think the treadles fit in this house perfectly! The dining room is also very quaint, even though we've only sat at the table once (eat most of our meals at the 'breakfast nook').

Well, just wanted to share. Hope everybody's doing well.

Trina in snowy PA :)
Image My "mutt" house (1890-1920-ish!)

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