Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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Re: Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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I've got the same balloon framing and no firestops...something i should probably address while I have walls opened up.
But I've been reading about insulating for ages on this site and constantly heard how "you never want to insulate your walls" because of moisture problems, peeling paint, rot, etc. Here's the thing...Every exterior wall I have opened up is insulated with some type of rock wool/blown in cellulose/fiberglass batt depending on location, much of which goes back a ways timewise for sure and i have no noticeable problems. No peeling or popping paint on our siding, no mold or mildew, no rot to studs or the back of clapboards. Am I just lucky or is wall insulation not the worst thing ever created?
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Re: Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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Eperot: I'm no expert, but you sound lucky to me---not "lucky that no disaster has struck," but lucky to have a good balance of insulation versus air circulation for the usual moisture levels of your site and climate.

Tina: I told my DH the fabulous story of your house. He said, by way of effusive praise, "I bet there's lots of clay pipes on that property." (Tobacco pipes are his favorite thing to find.) He hopes you won't neglect possible cisterns and outhouse sites. :)

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Re: Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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Wow, I wonder what the PO was thinking when he covered upthat door?! Was the door exposed on the interior of the house or was it also covered up? My grandparents summer home in Sackets Harbor, NY had a door on the exterior that didn't exist on the interior. When I was a child that was a great mystery to me. I figured out where the door should be on the interior but decided it had to have been covered with plaster---why would they do that? It would have opened into the guest room & of course the house was originally a grist mill so that door served some former purpose & wasn't required in the house it became! Don
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Re: Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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Hey y'all! I've got a TOTALLY AWESOME update for you!!! Our home was selected to be featured in a magazine! We were incredibly honored, as this area is comprised almost entirely of antique homes. After I completely freaked out, we knuckled down, cleaned everything pretty well, and anxiously awaited the photo shoot. I want y'all to know the photos aren't staged in any way whatsoever. This is my home, as it sits, every single day. Almost all the "stuff" is actually used. It has to be, as there's not much room for just decorative things. Besides.... why should your home be a museum? Use, love, and share your things daily, and they'll be even more special. So, here you go. The article is called The Caretaker's Cottage, after doing much research on my home and the "big house" next door. It starts on page 55, and runs through page 64. And yes, those living room walls are actually pink! ... 09/6967922
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Re: Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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Re: Normal? Flooring stops 4" from clapboards.

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What a lovely, lovely home!
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