Calling Wallpaper Experts!

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Calling Wallpaper Experts!

Post by zollydog »

I need some help identifying wallpaper in my house, because if possible I'd like to reproduce or preserve it, depending on what's feasible.

This is underneath the 1960s top layer in the living room of my late-1800s house:

This is the layer below that: ... 6J1-8PJsEA

This is in my hallway -- no idea what vintage: ... 6J1-8PJsEA

This was deep within my bathroom: ... 6J1-8PJsEA

And this is the only one I think I can save, because it's in largely good condition: ... ist-8PJsEA

Any expertise appreciated!
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Re: Calling Wallpaper Experts!

Post by SouthernLady »

About when was your house built?

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Re: Calling Wallpaper Experts!

Post by James »

Not sure about reproducing it. But to find something similar from the same era check out Probably pricey, but they seem to be one of the best of giving you patterns from different eras. Would love to do my upstairs bedrooms in some of their patterns.
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