My lamp is broken!!!!!

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My lamp is broken!!!!!

Post by SouthernLady »

I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but as I am sure that people dealing with pre-1900 homes have pre-1900 furnishings, I am hoping someone here can help me.

I ordered a beautiful lamp off eBay for my parlor, and it finally arrived today. I have been on a great emotional high after finally getting my period furniture in my 1895 house thanks to a bunch of friends helping me yesterday afternoon, and this was a drastic letdown... Before it was even pulled out of the box, I noticed the base was broken. The cherub's feet had broken off from the base, which was not supported by packing material. Thankfully, the seller had it insured, and she has already put in the claim. (I have no experience with having to put in a claim, so I hope it was she who was supposed to do it...) Anyway, as you can tell from the picture, the wire is even severed. Two of the prongs that hold the chimney in are bent to the center, but I believe I can fix that part.

Does anyone know how to fix pot metal?

The entire lamp

Clear shot of the damage.

I have a friend who is a certified electrician, and I believe he can help me re-wire the lamp. I just don't know how to go about repairing the metal. Or can it even be repaired?

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Re: My lamp is broken!!!!!

Post by Nancy W »

When I had a damage claim for an Ebay purchase I had give the item to the Post Office. I don't recall that you indicated how it was shipped. For me it didn't matter since it was glass, in MANY pieces and certainly NOT repairable. The idea is if they are paying you for the item, you don't get to keep it and repair it. Don't know if it is different with other methods. Sorry! :(
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Re: My lamp is broken!!!!!

Post by McCall »

Even if you get to keep it, looks like you have a piece missing as the leg and foot do not match up. There is not really a way to fix something like that, sorry.
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Re: My lamp is broken!!!!!

Post by horsevet »

That is a shame; of course the wiring is an easy fix but I am amazed there is such a small fragile support for such an elaborate & apparently heavy lamp. Pot metal is difficult to deal with; you might take the lamp to an antiques dealer. They might have an idea who you can take it to. The charub may need a set of crutches :wink: sorry I couldn't help that! :lol:

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