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Questions and answers relating to houses built in the 1800s and before.
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Rewiring the house built in 1960s

Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:09 am

Hi all,
My husband recently inherited the family house from his parents. I guess the house was built around the 1960’s. We were thinking to move into the house after selling our current apartment in Toronto. So, before moving in we had it checked it by a licensed electrician from Toronto to get the insurance coverage. But the electrician said that our house has aluminium wiring, so it will be difficult to renew the insurance coverage. He said that we should really think about rewiring the house, not just because of the insurance but because of our safety. He said something like; aluminium wires have a tendency to oxidize, which could result in overheating and also the failure of aluminum wire termination failures. I really didn’t understand what he said. So, I was hoping if anyone here could make me clear about the things he said. Also, I would like to get your advice on the rewiring. Do you think we should think of rewiring the house?
Thanks in advance!
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