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Hi there, what do you mean by projecting staircase bay? Is that the jut out on the side? No window seat at this time, I'll do some research next time we're up there.
The particle board was recently done (very quickly) to repair some water damage. It is off of the 2nd largest bedroom. I'd like to have it as a sitting area, or a laundry room.
We still have the original lighting fixtures (installed) that were gas AND electric.
I love that there is a "cold room" in the basement!! We'd love to have you down for a look-see if you'd like, sure could use your input.
We'll be there fulltime in the spring, then our decisions will be more thought out and not just a knee-jerk reaction to a certified letter regarding demolition of that beautiful home. The Town of Tiffin has been hot on Tim to condemn this house, even though it is structurally more sound than some new houses. They did make him tear down the tiny tiny garage in the back. boo-hoo, It has been vacant for many many years except for party kids breaking in regularly for a bit.
Happy New Year,

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