plantation shutters

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plantation shutters

Postby cgdobis on Sun Jan 07, 2007 11:10 pm

Looking for a little help.
I have a wooden plantation shutter with two broken connectors that hold the tilt bar to the slat.
The problem is that these shutters do not use the typical "staple" connectors.
I will try to describe the fastener.
First, it is plastic and has a pivoting elbow shape.
One end is a single (brad sized) pointed end that fits into the slat.
There is an plastic swiveling elbow joint in the middle.
The end that fits into the tilt bar is almost pencil erasure sized and shaped but not smooth. It resembles a honey dipper
There are no manufactured markings on the shutter,
The local paint, hardware, blind companies and Home Depot type retailers only are familiar with the staple type fastener.
Any ideas?
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