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Interesting house information

Postby roscleo on Sat Jan 20, 2007 5:30 pm

I found out some cool history about our house. I never expected to find much out, and of course, it is interesting to me, but of course may not be to anyone else. :D
I was talking to my neighbor who lives on one side of me today. She gave me alot of information about my house, she has known everybody who lived in the house since it was moved here.
The house used to sit on Hwy 90 and when did the Hwy, apparently this house was in the way of it, so they moved it here where it sits now. The fountain was bought in Italy in the 1950's by our neighbor's cousin. ANd the plaster piece above the door is from her also. Apperantly it cost a good amount of money. From what my neighbor said she had a lot of money and spent alot of money on the house. (I wish she would have spent more on wiring and copper pipes) She is responsible for all the add on's. The foyer is added on and the door from the carport used to be a screened in porch. All of the back part of the house is added on.
My neighbor said the house was built in about the mid 20's to early 30's.
Since the house was moved I am hoping I can find a pic of it the way it was origianlly. I think it would be really neat.
Thanks for letting me ramble.
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