Floor Woes in the Kitchen

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Re: Floor Woes in the Kitchen

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TR - here they are considered non-friable. It is legal to pull them yourself. If you are at all concerned wear a breathing mask. I've been in the hazardous materials/dangerous goods business for over 20 years and the whole hype on asbestos is way out of line. There was a problem with miners, but they were breathing it day in and day out with out personal protection equipment. It is still mined in Canada under proper worker protection rules.

I am far more concerned about consumers using products on a daily basis that are considered to be hazmat/dgoods when moving in commerce and the consumer thinks they're "safe" because they buy them in the grocery store or the hardware store. So they go off and use a cleaner that has Caustic Soda in it and then decide to bleach the tub. Makes really good nerve gas.

My all time favorite is Coca Cola. The concentrate moves around the world in plastic drums as a Corrosive material. It has 15% Phosphoric Acid in it. Once it gets to the distributor, it is diluted with seltzer water to .15% Phosphoric Acid and then people buy it and drink it. On the other hand if you pour Coke on a rusted bolt and let it sit for 2 days, you can generally get the bolt loose.

Like most things, using products correctly and judisciously tends to not cause problems. The user simply needs to read the labels and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, most people don't do that.

Sorry for getting on my soap box, but this issue is very dear to me. Haldis

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Re: Floor Woes in the Kitchen

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Sombreuil_Mongrel wrote:You can cut flush with a Fein Multimaster, if you can afford it and the blades. It's crazy expensive. But it will absolutely cut flush. I have recently heard that Dremel makes a version of it, and it sells for far less than the $350 of the Fein.
My co-worker used the Dremel version to do the same exact cut in his kitchen, said it worked pretty well.

http://www.dremel.com/en-us/Tools/Pages ... ating+Tool
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Re: Floor Woes in the Kitchen

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Just to address the asbestos question: Google asbestos testing labs (with your state name) and you should find a EPA recognized lab. For somewhere around twenty bucks, you send them a small (1" x 1") sample and they send you an email back telling you what they found. I did this to test our ceiling tiles and the turn around time was 24 hours. Painless, at least as far as the testing goes; not so painless if it turns out to be positive.

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