1920's Foundation Repairs

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1920's Foundation Repairs

Postby sooth on Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:07 pm

I just finished applying two small patches to 2 (of the half dozen or so) small leaks in my concrete foundation. What a job. It's not hard to do. In fact, it's super easy, but it's the hammer swinging and chipping-away that's the back breaking part.

Is there some kind of trick to doing this better? I know I could rent a small air chisel, but I am really cheap, and would probably rather do it the hard way to save a few bucks.

Currently I'm just using 3 old cold chisels that I've got on hand, and a mini sledge (just slightly larger than an average hammer). Still, it took me a good hour or so, just to chip-out and patch two holes smaller than the size of my palm (3-4" across, maybe an inch deep?)

How many of you guys have the same issue with your foundations. My house was built in 1923, and as far as I know they call this an "early porous concrete" foundation. It's pretty darn solid, but it has about 6 or so leaks currently where I end up with a small trickle of water along the floor during a heavy rain fall.
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