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1952 Home

Post by skegeej »

I just purchased a 1952 4-sided brick home. Throughout the house there seems like hundreds of light switches some I know what they go to and some that I don't. There are also light switches that I don't know if its a timer or what. If someone could give me some ideas on how to figure out what the switches operate. I tried turning them on and off and seeing what happens and a lot of them nothing happens.

Picture of switch

Here are some other picture of item that I have no idea what they are

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Re: 1952 Home

Post by SkipW »

Welcome, just guessing on the first one but it looks like a fan speed controller or a volume controller to me. Do you have a whole house exhaust fan? A whole house sound system?

Of the second group, it looks like whoever had your house was an early adopter of 'home automation' Almost everything pictured looks like it is involved in timers or the like.
Intermatic is a large switch/timer manufacturer still in business today.
The second looks like a sprinkler or lighting timer.
I can't read the label on the third, except to read that it's 240v...maybe a water heater or air heater?
The fourth looks like a 30A fuse/breaker .... for what I couldn't guess
Fifth? Again a timer or breaker for some device...

As for the switches that you cannot figure out what they do....some may switch power to outlets and not lights. i.e.: you walk into a room and switch on a table lamp that is plugged into the switched outlet.

Hope this helps in some way...

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