Code vs. Restoring Old Doors

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Code vs. Restoring Old Doors

Postby BungalowOnThePrairie on Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:20 pm

(First post...*waves*) I've got my contractor out for a while supervising some major plumbing and electrical updates so I figure while he's hanging around anyway, might as well get some smaller jobs out of the way too.

My front door is a 48" monstrosity, installed in the 90's-00's to allow a hospice bed to fit. PO's son kicked the thing in several times a few years ago (long story) so the jamb is far beyond saving. Besides that, I don't really want a 48" door. So other than a custom door (way too expensive) my choices are build in the frame to fit a typical 36" door, or expand an inch or two to allow a standard door and a sidelight.

Long explanation aside. There are pros and cons to both, but my contractor thinks we'll have to bring anything installed up to code, even antique. Meaning break out the wavy glass and install safety glass. I was (possibly delusional) hoping it could be grandfathered since my house is in a historic district and working toward its own historic designation. Anybody have experience with this? More importantly--can I save the wavy glass???
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