Pellet Stove options

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Pellet Stove options

Postby Bigd1634 on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:14 pm

We purchased a 1900 era home in Andover NJ a year ago. The home was completely renovated and flipped but since it is an old home there are still a lot of air leaks and drafts. I have been sealing up what I can but there is still a large difference in temperature between the main floor and second floor. The home now has a central heat/AC system that works well in the summer but has its issues I the winter. The system operates on Propane which is on the expensive side. The heat warms the upstairs quickly but the downstairs stays about 10 degrees cooler. Last winter we ran an electric heater to help maintain the downstairs temp and it worked ok but I am looking to get something that would work better.

The home has a built in mason fireplace that is not useable in its current state (cracked bricks). We can repair the fireplace and use it for wood burning but we would still lose a lot of the heat. My thought was a pellet stove as the fuel is not too expensive as it would be a secondary heat source and easy for my wife to use compared to a wood stove. A pellet insert is ideal but expensive. The free standing stoves are less expensive and I know that we can pipe them up through the old flue but I am also looking to keep it from being out in the middle of the room. Has anyone done or seen a free standing wood/pellet stove set either in or partially in the fireplace opening. I know that there are clearances that need to be kept but all the photos I see are of a stove in the middle of the room with the exhaust up the flue.

Any ideas or assistance is appreciated. Thanks.
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