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Questions, answers and advice for people who own or work on houses built during the 20th century.
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rotten support beam replacement

Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:21 pm

Just did inspection on a "renovated" 850sf 1 bedroom 1920s house in New Jersey that I want to buy and found some issues.

House is built on a slope and doesn't have a basement but stands on support pillars and is open underneath. 2 support pillars are sinking due to erosion. 3 support beams are deteriorating/rotting. Inspector thinks I need to jack up house to replace, which might crack walls he said. I also need to install a new septic and leach field.

Does anyone have a vague guess how much am I looking at? 10K? 100K? the inspector was unable to guess a number. Simply said it would be very expensive and suggested I walk away. I'm in love with the property and the location is very unique. I've been looking for a property like this for 3 years. I'm willing to put 50-60K into it but if we're talking about something that's permanently unfixable or 100K+++ then I will give up.
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