Salt damaged concrete

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Salt damaged concrete

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Hi everyone,

I have a 1910 New England Farmhouse that was moved in the 1960's. The front steps are concrete leading to a wood deck porch. My problem is that over the years the concrete has been painted then winter salt damage (and freeze thaw conditions) has resulted in pitting and spalling. I plan to resurface the steps and would like to find a way to seal them from the winter damage.
I am in a Catch-22 quandary: While i would love to avoid the future use of salt, the north-facing exposure unfortunately makes this difficult. So the problem is that I want to maintain the consistency of color between the porch and steps. (I also prefer to avoid stripping) the concrete paint off the risers and sides of the concrete mass. Just sealing the horizontal surface with a siliconate sealer will result in a two-toned mess. I know I can't paint over the sealer so I am looking for other solutions (if there are any).

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Re: Salt damaged concrete

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