Wonky Plumbing? (and electrical to an extent)

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Wonky Plumbing? (and electrical to an extent)

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Hey all! My husband and I just bought our first home (in coastal VA) and were told it was built in 1968. We thought everything was in working order since it passed inspection and we were moving from a different state so we just went with it. After being here for a while we have finally had enough with the weird plumbing and want to try and fix it.

It is a brick ranch style single level 3 bed, 2 bath house (just over 1400 sq ft) and seems like the "basic model" for the neighborhood (though many of our neighbors have added on with second stories etc.) and along with day-dreaming over remodeling and adding on, our first priority is having everything functional.
In the master bath (shower): only the hot water currently works in the shower, but not in the sink- only cold water in the sink...
In the master closet (like for clothes): there is a random spigot that looks like it was placed there to cap off a pipe (we think the water heater may have once lived here and they recycled something laying around rather than pay for a new piece to close it off properly- it is right by both bathrooms there, but doesn't seem to affect water flow to either bathroom)
The guest bath: Neither hot or cold water works in the tub/shower, and only cold runs in the sink
The kitchen sink actually works properly- hot and cold water! yay one thing that works right XD and since it was 1968 there is no disposal or dishwasher.

The electrical is just really oddly laid out, like to use the outlet by our couch we have to turn on the lights in the living room. There were initially issues with the electrical box arcing but the inspector shut it down and forced them to redo it. We've been told this isn't abnormal and have adjusted to it, it can be managed a lot easier than shoddy plumbing.

It looks like there was at some point water damage to the walls near the bathrooms/closets but we were assured there is nothing wrong now, just discoloration.

We can't find blueprints for the house, and honestly I'm not entirely sure if the plumbing would show on them.. So I guess we just want to know if problems like this are normal or if anyone else went through something similar and might know if there is an easier (less expensive) solution than paying someone to come out, or if it's definitely worth it.. We do have a crawlspace we haven't been in yet, and maybe the answers are down in the dirt? Or would blueprints show the plumbing and help us find if a shut off valve was turned?
Hopefully we don't have to overhaul the plumbing... (biggest fear)
If blueprints would help, we'll totally go for them, especially since down the road we want to add on and create a new ensuite for the master bath, and remodel the kitchen with a dishwasher (insert sparkles lol), and fridge with water on the door (have the fridge, don't have it in yet)

Would a layout map help visualize it? everything is clumped together, the bathrooms are back to back clumped with the closets spoken about and on the other side of the house from the garage/water heater. I think I've included all the info there is.. Let me know if you have any suggestions or went through something similar :3

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