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Mystery 10" galvanized pipe

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 12:11 pm
by bsulzbach
Hello all,

I live in a 6 unit apartment house in San Francisco, built in 1908, and I am updating the kitchen in a newly vacated apartment.
Nothing major; but I am looking to install a hood above the stove to vent the kitchen. There's a very narrow door in one corner of the kitchen. Behind it is a tiny area housing three iron water pipes (long since disconnected), and a galvanized duct, 10" in diameter, which runs up through the three floors to the roof. It's sitting on a brick plinth, with no visible opening. I was hoping to run the ducting for the new vent hood through the little area behind the door, and then on to the outside, but this 10" duct is there. I can't tell what the purpose of this duct is, or was.
Does anybody know what this pipe for? I would love to be able to route my new duct right through it.

I appreciate any help.