Resource to Help Preserve the Historic Character of Old Home

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Resource to Help Preserve the Historic Character of Old Home

Postby Schag on Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:27 pm

Hello folks,

For an educational resource to help preserve the historic character of old homes visit


The website cautions homeowners and provides information old house owners must be aware of before making any changes to their home that can harm its historic integrity.

It’s an easy way to educate first time owners of old houses.

The “Truth About Windows” page has just been updated with more information and photos to assist homeowners to make more informed decisions on replacing or restoring their historic windows.

You will also find the most comprehensive information published on Shutters, and how to mount them correctly. Also, information on how Vinyl Siding and Porch Rail Height affects the appearance of your house.

The section on Aesthetics explains that curb-appeal can be better achieved when based on aesthetics and architectural principals, not personal taste. Historic preservation can thereby be accomplished to the non-preservation minded by promoting this curb-appeal.

So check it out, pass it on, and keep fighting the battle to preserve the historic character of our old homes.

Thanks, Ken
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