whole home rewire

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whole home rewire

Post by Talonstorm »

Can someone advise on the best way to find a qualified electrician to rewire an older home? My house is a 1903 2 story with a mishmash of wiring that was partly upgraded by previous owners, but makes me very nervous. I have several light fixtures that no longer work and some receptacles that no longer work, so it is past time to get this resolved. I really want to get the whole house rewired, panel upgraded, and brought to code. My issue is that I haven't found an electrician with experience to do it. It is sort of a niche area and I am struggling. :(

Any advise? I am located in Ventura County California if that matters.

Thanks, Tina

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Re: whole home rewire

Post by LeeHutch »

I live in a 900 square foot house built in 1932. The previous owner "rewired" the house in 2002 which involved splicing newer wiring in with the 1930s knob and tube wiring. How our home inspector missed this when we bought the house, I can't figure out. Of course, the seller's disclosures said that all the work was permitted. It wasn't. So we have paid to have all of the old wiring removed, new wires installed, outlets added, and a new breaker panel. (Cost 13K. Near Houston, TX).

There are specific challenges to rewiring old homes, chiefly the thickness of the walls. My 1930s shiplap was eating drill bits left and right! You might check with any historical properties in your area and ask who does their electrical work for them. That would probably be the best place to start. They would know electricians who can do repairs with minimal damage to the integrity of the home.

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