7 Big Ideas for Small Backyard Gardens

Shannon Lee

If you love that historic house in the downtown district but hate the idea of not having a large backyard for gardening, all is not lost. Small backyards make for lovely, intimate gardens.

Big Ideas for a Small Backyard Garden

Before you abandon that perfect old house in favor of more room away from town, consider these big ideas for a small backyard:

  • Plant up. Don't think in terms of raised beds and perfect long rows. Look at the space you have to grow toward the sky instead! Tall trellises around the perimeter offer added privacy while allowing your plants plenty of room to grow.
  • Plant on a diagonal. Visually widen the space by planting on diagonals instead of straight rows. The eye sees the space as larger than it really is, and as an added bonus, you might get more space to walk between rows.
  • Make it edible! Encourage family members and guests to use the garden by planting edible goodies. Strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, and other plants that enjoy climbing are the perfect centerpieces to your small backyard garden.
  • Add a tiny fountain. Make the space seem bigger with a fountain that makes the most of the area. A fountain that flows down a wall, or one that tucks into a small corner, are perfect options to bring that lively sound of water flow into your garden.
  • Create a dark base. Make all other colors "pop" using gray concrete pavers to create a walkway through your garden. Concrete pavers are simple yet durable, and look great against any color. A small backyard garden can come to vivid life next to that simple backdrop.
  • Opt for containers. Container gardening is a great way to have the plants you want in an area where planting them directly in the ground might not be feasible. If your small backyard is made of concrete, for instance, a container garden makes the most of the space and turns it into a haven of green.
  • Finish with a pergola bench. Every garden deserves a place where visitors can sit and admire the beauty. Make yours a working part of your green landscape! A pergola bench offers seating area, storage underneath, and a growing area for plants that love to climb.

That beautiful historic home might have the city growing around it, but that doesn't mean your garden plans have to be scrapped! Make the most out of the small backyard space with a garden that fits into even the smallest nooks and crannies.


About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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