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Aphids suck plant juices but can be controlled with Diazinon dust or sprays of Sevin or rotenone.

Borers bore in stalks causing weakened, infested stalks to wilt and fall over. No chemical control is listed.

Larkspur leaf miner causes large areas of the leaf to discolor and the leaf to collapse. Remove infested leaves. No chemical control is listed.

Japanese beetle can be controlled with applications of rotenone, Sevin, and methoxychlor.

Slugs feed on the leaves, flowers and stems at night. Slugs leave a trail of slime which looks as though varnish was dribbled on the plant. Use baits containing Mesurol or metaldehyde.

Cyclamen mites cause much distortion of the growing tips. Mites can be controlled with applications of rotenone.

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