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The tulip bulb aphid damages stored bulbs and feeds on the leaves and other above ground parts in the spring. No chemical control is listed.

The bulb mite causes infested bulbs to produce stunted leaves and deformed flowers. No chemical control is listed.

Bulb flies will infest Narcissus. The larvae make the bulbs soft and unable to grow. The openings created by the insect are entrances for diseases. No chemical control is listed.

Millipedes will feed on the undersides of bulbs. No chemical control is listed.

The stem and bulb nematode causes darkened bulb scales giving a ringed appearance to bulb cross sections. Yellowish pockets in the bulb contain many nematodes. Infested bulbs do not grow, or fail flower. The shoots are abnormal and twisted. Remove infested plants and avoid rich wet soil with a high humus content. No chemical control is listed.

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