Dado to Ducts

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d. See Penny.

Dado. A rectangular groove across the width of a board or plank. In interior decoration, a special type of wall treatment.


Decay. Disintegration of wood or other substance through the action of fungi.


Deck paint. An enamel with a high degree of resistance to mechanical wear, designed for use on such surfaces as porch floors.


Density. The mass of substance in a unit volume. When expressed in the metric system, it is numerically equal to the specific gravity of the same substance.


Dewpoint. Temperature at which a vapor begins to deposit as a liquid. Applies especially to water in the atmosphere.


Dimension. See Lumber dimension.

Direct nailing. To nail perpendicular to the initial surface or to the junction of the pieces joined. Also termed face nailing.

Doorjamb, interior. The surrounding case into which and out of which a door closes and opens. It consists of two upright pieces, called side jamhs, and a horizontal head jamb.


Dormer. An opening in a sloping roof, the framing of which projects out to form a vertical wall suitable for windows or other openings.


Downspout. A pipe, usually of metal, for carrying rainwater from roof gutters.


Dressed and matched (tongued. and grooved). Boards or planks machined in such a manner that there is a groove on one edge and a corresponding tongue on the other.


Drier paint. Usually oil-soluble soaps of such metals as lead, manganese, or cobalt, which, in small proportions, hasten the oxidation and hardening (drying) of the drying oils in paints.


Drip. (a) A member of a cornice or other horizontal exterior-finish course that has a projection beyond the other parts for throwing off water. (b) A groove in the underside of a sill or drip cap to cause water to drop off on the outer edge instead of drawing back and running down the face of the building.


Drip cap. A molding placed on the exterior top side of a door or window frame to cause water to drip beyond the outside of the frame.


Dry-wall. Interior covering material, such as gypsum board or plywood, which is applied in large sheets or panels.


Ducts. In a house, usually round or rectangular metal pipes for distributing warm air from the heating plant to rooms, or air from a conditioning device or as cold air returns. Ducts are also made of asbestos and composition materials.

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