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thermostatsHeating prices are rising as temperatures drop this winter, but you can combat these higher prices. Here are a few ways you can save some energy with adjustments to your current heating system's thermostat.

  • Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. Turning down the thermostat from 70 F to 65 F, for example, could help you save about 10 percent on heating costs. Setting your thermostat back 10 F for 8 hours at night can help save about 7 percent. You'll also save if you set it back when you're not at home.
  • Close doors and heating vents to unused rooms in your home. If these rooms have a separate thermostat or heating zone from your home's occupied space, lower the temperature in these rooms.
  • Consider purchasing and installing an automatic and programmable thermostat, if you haven't already -- from the Department of Energy

For more information on choosing a thermostat, see TheOld House Web story on thermostats.

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