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With thousands of pages of information about manufacturers and retailers, our Guide to Suppliers is the definitive source for who makes or sells what. Thousands of old-house owners and contractors use it every day as they seek out hard-to-find products and services. Our Featured and Preferred Listing programs put you squarely in front of these motivated buyers - precisely as they are making purchasing or product-selection decisions.

We offer three options for advertising on Old House Web:

1. Featured Listings

Featured Listings benefit from top placement on the relevant category page. Cost is based on an affordable CPM model with rates ranging from $25 to $50 depending on the product category. We run adsense in categories that do not currently have featured listings.


2. Preferred Listings

Preferred Listings run prominently above free listings and below the Featured listing. Like Featured listings, Preferred Listings include a product photo, your company's logo, and text describing your company. Our Preferred Listings are affordable and cost-effective. You pay us on a pay-per-click basis. You're only charged when someone clicks on your listing, to visit your company's web site.


3. Banner Ads

We also offer banner placement and sponsorship packages at an affordable price, contact our sales department to discuss options.

We deliver you consistent, targeted, measurable leads day after day. And we do so at a price even the smallest company can afford.

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