5 Steps to Choosing an Oriental Rug for Your Wood Floor

Shannon Lee

An Oriental rug can do wonders to boost old house charm. A well-made Oriental rug is meant to last for a very long time, and might even outlast everything else in the room. The older the rug, the more beauty it can bring to the overall atmosphere of your home.

5 Steps to Choosing an Oriental Rug

The world of Oriental rugs is complicated. These steps can help you navigate it and find the perfect rug for your home.

  1. Look at your space. Where are you going to place the rug? If it is in the dining room, you need a rug large enough that the chairs don't slip off the edge when you get up from the table. If you want to use an Oriental rug as a runner on the staircase, count the number of risers. Draw diagrams of your room, including the placement of furniture, complete with measurements, and take that drawing to the store with you.
  2. Understand what denotes quality. The quality of an Oriental rug is not necessarily in the number of knots it has in the design, but in the tightness and regularity of the weave. The quality of the wool used to make the rug is important because that helps determine its longevity. The strength and fastness of the dye is also an important factor.
  3. Does location matter? Some believe that only those rugs from Iran, otherwise known as Persian rugs, are of the highest quality. However, the quality of modern rugs from Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, China, Nepal, and India has increased dramatically, and is now comparable to that of traditional Persian rugs.
  4. Go with the classics. Classic designs and colors are a good investment. Avoid modern rugs that have strange colors or trendy designs. Keep in mind that the age of a rug makes it more valuable, while stains or tears in the rug can diminish the value.
  5. Choosing an Oriental rug dealer. Take your time when choosing an Oriental rug dealer. Visit many stores, look at hundreds of rugs, and ask plenty of questions. Get the low-down on appraisals. Ask about restoration and cleaning services after the sale. The best dealers take the time to build a good professional relationship with you, including a clear understanding of what you want to see in your home, so never allow yourself to be rushed.

Choosing an Oriental rug takes time, but the quality and value of the perfect rug for your home is worth the patience required to find it.

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