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By Deborah Holmes, OHW

(Part III of III)

Looking at this pleasant kitchen, it's hard to imagine that a few short years ago this space was a cellar with exposed pipes and wiring.

That was before Doug and Jeanne Robinson transformed a bank in Bucksport, Maine, into an art studio and owners' apartment.

Designing and contracting the kitchen was a highlight for Jeanne, who says she finally has the kitchen of her dreams. The Robinsons chose a plastic composite beadboard for the cabinets because of the flexibility of the material. White cabinetry and glass doors give the narrow space an open feeling.

Efficient design allows the narrow galley space to contain two wall ovens, a microwave, cooktop, and plenty of storage space.


On the opposite wall (shown below), two refrigerator drawers hold daily essentials beneath a black granite countertop. A full-sized refrigerator/freezer in a utility room off the kitchen holds larger items.


A run of cabinets along the back wall of the kitchen features storage cabinets with glass doors and a slate sink. The solid surface, two-toned countertop is reminiscent of a 1930s Hoosier work center.

back counter

Surprise! What looks like a bank of drawers conceals a modern dishwasher. Controls are integrated into the dishwasher door.


The view from the kitchen into the main part of the apartment.


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