An elegant study

By The Old House Web
The goal: To make a library/TV room look as it were hand-crafted by artisans of the 19th century some 100 years ago.

A custom glaze honey finish on pine cabinetry is used throughout the space which is completely paneled in wood - inspired by a country squire's home in England. The doors, columns and pilasters that frame tall cabinets in the room and create the mantel and fireplace surround continue the masquerade.

The room also plays host to a television concealed in a cabinet which is recessed in a seldom used closet of the adjoining front gallery. It's housed behind retractable doors in one of two matching arched cabinets on either side of the room's entrance.

The wet bar is in a closet opening into the gallery. A rustic wood floor and fine furnishings, including a small table and chairs, add the finishing touches to this living area.

This room earned a second-place award in the National Kitchen and Bath Association's 1998 Design Competition for Industry Professionals.

Designers: Ellen Cheever, CKD, CBD & Pietro Giorgi, Sr., CKD, CBD
Company: Heritage Custom Kitchens, New Holland, PA

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