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theaterMy teenage son was an actor in a Gaslight Theater owned by a man namedRichard, his blond wife, and curly-haired young stepdaughter. We knew them well, and saw them every time we visited my son at the theater.

On evening my husband and I went to a performance of a play at the local school where I taught. After we were seated, we noticed Richard come inand sit in the front row alone. Just as the lights dimmed, his blond wife and young curly-haired stepdaughter came in, but since there wereno seats by Richard, they sat in the two empty seats in front us us.

After the play was over and people were leaving, we waved to Richard, calling him by name, said hello to his wife and the child. We asked himwhat he was doing at the school play, since he had no children attending
there. He replied, calling us by name also, that his niece was part of the production. We all had a nice chat and left.

Later that night, when our son came home from performing at the Gaslight Theater, we told him we had seen and talked with Richard and his familythat night at the school play. He replied..."That's impossible, Mom.
Richard was at the theater all night with me." So who was that man named Richard we saw at the school play, and his family, who knewus?

We never did figure it out.

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