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(Submitted by Karen L. Morris)

scary storiesThe house was built in 1905, and I later learned there had been a murder inthe kitchen, shortly after the house was built. One summer, for about six weeks when my parents were on a trip, I was alone in the house except forJudy, another girl my age, who was occupying the basement apartment. She and I had planned to meet after she got off work.

That afternoon, late, after showering in the second floor bathroom next to mybedroom. I went to the basement to iron a blouse (in 1967, people still ironed). The doors were locked; the windows were closed. I was ironing.
Suddenly I heard footsteps -- heavy slow footsteps -- cross the kitchen floor above my head. They stopped. It took all the courage I had to goupstairs. I didn't linger. I left.

As I waited for Judy, I decided not to tell her what I'd heard. I almost convinced myself that I had imagined it.

When Judy arrived, she was pale and shaking. "I have to tell you what I heard," she said. She said she'd
come home, gone down the basement to change clothes, and heard heavy slow footsteps cross the kitchen floor!

Of course, I then shared my experience. We took a couple of male friends home with us that night, and we searched the entire house. Of course, wenever found anyone or anything. But I know what I heard.

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