Scary Stories

"Got any ghosts?"  Owners of old houses often get asked that question -- especially this time of year.  And judging from some of the posts to our bulletin boards, the question hits home. 

But inept contractors can be just as scary (maybe even more frightening) than ghosts. As Halloween approached a few years back, we invited readers to send us scary stories about their old houses. They responded with a variety of tales ranging from light-hearted to bone-chilling.

Cassidy House

Old house owners, it seems, love ghost stories.

Some of our readers enjoy giving kids a thrill on Halloween by pretending that their house is haunted. (The Cassidy Mansion, in Connecticut (at left), is a natural for the part. Owner Gloria Woerheide lets town residents peek inside the restoration project on Halloween.)

Others hope to find real evidence of haunts in their houses.  We're inviting our readers to share their scary stories, both preternatural and earthly.

Each year On October 31, our home page will feature the best ghost story and the most compelling non-ghost story sent in by our readers.

Send your stories to editorial@oldhouseweb.com. Subject: Scary stories. And feel free to post your stories to the forums in the meantime.

For your Halloween reading pleasure, our readers' stories follow:

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