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scary storiesHere'sa story about a home in Iowa. I met the owners a few years ago by the way of mysister-in-law, who worked with the wife. Their house has a really bad past. It seems thatthe previous owner shot himself, his wife was hacked to death, and their daughter hung herself. The brother-in-law set himself on fire, but he was saved and taken to the hospital.

Anyway the new owners knew the house was "haunted" when they bought it. A lot of strange things do happen there, not only in the house but also on the property.This one happened a few years ago.

The lady of the house was sitting at home when there was an angry knock on the door. A very irate man was there and asked her where her children were. Now, she doesn't not have any children. He saidhe saw someone push a tire out of the carriage house right in front of his car.It almost caused him to have an accident. The owner told the man that there weren't any children at home.He didn't believe her and made her take him though the house and around the property looking for who could have caused the tire to come out in front of him.

She knew that it was most likely one of the "spirits", but she is carefulabout whom she tells about these happenings. The man finally left, but was not convinced that someone was up to no good.

There are numerous other things I could tell you about this home. We did get to visit the house, but nothingstrange happened while we were visiting. I really don't know why "hauntings" take place, but I don't think you can discount so many peoples' experiences.

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