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scary storiesHere's anothertidbit, not about a house, but a hospital.

I work in a hospital, and one day I was talking with an agency nurse who hadtraveled around to a lot of hospitals. She was very experienced and reliable. She was asking me if I'd heardabout the ghost who haunts another area hospital. Here's the story.

This nurse wasworking in the intensive care unit at the hospital when her patient called her in and asked if thetwo little blond kids were hers. She complained that they were making too muchnoise and asked her to get them out of there.

The nurse thought that perhaps the patient was getting too much painmedication and hallucinating. After reassuring the patient and checking hervital signs, this nurse told another nurse that she'd better call the patient'sdoctor. The patient had had surgery and was not in critical condition. Thedoctor had wanted her to spend the night under close observation because she hadlost a little too much blood.

When the regular nurse heard what the agency nurse had to say, shesaid, "Well, she'll die and you need to pull out the 'Angel Book' and record theincident."

The agency nurse insisted that the patient was fine, but the regular floornurse insisted on getting what she called the "Angel Book."

It seems that this hospital had treated three victims of a bad accident -- a mother andtwo blonde children. The mother survived and was taken to the hospital'sintensive care unit, but thechildren died. Ever since, hospital workers say that when a patient is about todie, they see thechildren. The legend is that the children are searching for their mother.

Well, to make a longstory short, the "hallucinating patient" survived the night, but passed away the next day. The onlyperson who seems to have seen the children and lived was a nurse who workedthere and she was very scared. Reportedly, the log book is full of entries. Weird huh?

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