Kitchen Makeover Ideas To Lift Your Mood

A kitchen makeover really could make you feel happier. It has long been recognized that colors can affect our moods, and light can make a big difference to our health and sense of well-being.

Which Colors Should You Use in your Kitchen Makeover?

  • Blue is calming with positive connotations in most cultures. Using blue in your kitchen makeover can create a peaceful, tranquil ambiance. Stick to lighter shades but be careful not to create a slightly washed-out result.
  • Green can be a similarly soothing, calming color. It also represents vigor and renewal, depending on the shade. Pair green with neutral colors such as cream or brown for a subdued result, or with yellow or orange for a much more energetic effect.
  • Orange is a warm, energetic color. A rusty shade of orange can be both vibrant and cozy. However, too much bright orange can over-stimulate the senses.
  • Purple is associated with mystery and nobility, exoticism, and spirituality. It is best used on small areas or in accessories to brighten up a neutral color scheme. Lighter shades of purple can create effects similar to blue.
  • Red is not a calming color; it can be associated with desire, danger, and anger. Avoid it on large areas. Small amounts of red can lift a white or neutral kitchen.
  • Yellow is a joyful color that is likewise positive in small amounts. Too much yellow can be overpowering and is associated with jealousy and dishonesty.

Let Light Into Your Life

Light can create a positive mood. Include new drapes or blinds in your kitchen makeover that are light in color and can be opened wide to maximize the amount of natural light they let in. Hang a mirror to increase the natural light that fills the room.

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchens, so a kitchen color makeover can make a big impact.

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