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St. Louis Lustron owner Gail Rock has lived in her steel home for about nine years. She and her son, Philip, love their two-bedroom Lustron.

I think about moving every now and then, but my son says, Mom, youre going to stay in this house until you die. He might be right. It is so much fun to have a Lustron.

Below are photos of Gail, her son and their beloved steel home.

Rock home
Gail Rock's Lustron home, with original everything -- roof, windows, siding, gutters -- and inside features.

Gail and Philip Rock
Philip and Gail Rock and furry friend inside their Lustron. Note the steel walls and built in dining room cupboard, shown in closeup view below.

dining room
Built-in steel cupboard. Also visible is the original steel ceiling.

Kitchen cupboards are steel, of course!

living room
Decorating in an all steel home can be a challenge. Keys, below, are hung by magnets, which, in turn, can also be used for decoration.



If you have a teenager in your home, the steel ceilings can also provide amusement, as Phil Rock demonstrates below.

key toss
1. Size up your target

key toss
2. Toss

key toss
3. Remove evidence of game before Mom comes in and yells at you.

living room
Living room with original built-in bookcases.

window detail
Window detail.

Entry to Gail Rock's home.

corner chip
Close-up of outside corner shows one of the maintenance issues with aging Lustrons -- chips in the porcelain enamel coating.

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