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Note: This page is part of a series on Lustron homes, and represents a large collection of typical and unusual Lustrons in St. Louis. To other parts of this story

Lustron home
St. Louis Lustron home in 2004.

Lustron ad
Lustron home pictured in a promotional ad in 1949.

Detail from original gutter system.

Lustron home with original steel siding, roof and windows and added foundation trim.

Synthetic stone siding is a popular modern addition to Lustron homes in St. Louis.

Still a Lustron -- under vinyl siding and with replacement windows and an addition.

Replacement siding is cosmetic, rather than because of failure of the original material. Note that the original roof and gutter system are still in place.

 rare Lustron
This is an example of a rare Lustron home, possibly the "023 model." The home is very short and wide.

rare Lustron
Another unusual short and wide Lustron.

This home has been sided with vinyl and has replacement windows, but still has the original roof.

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