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(Submitted by Rose Thornton)

scary stories I've read countless books on NDE's (near deathexperiences) and one recurring theme is: Dogs can see people who have passed onand are making the transition from this place to the next. People who"return" or are resuscitated often say that after their body died,they went back home to say good-bye to a loved one, adding "No one in thehouse could see me, but the dog went crazy, sniffing me and barking atme..."

Several months ago, our Sheltie, Daisy, jumped off the bed in the wee hoursof the night, barking and running in a circle at the foot of the bed. We jumpedup and decided maybe she had a really urgent need to go potty. I opened thebedroom door to take her out, but she only wandered around in the hallway, stilllooking up and barking. In a moment she stopped, went back in the bedroom andjumped back on the bed.

Whatever stirred her up was gone.

Because both Hubby and I were now up, I glanced at the clock and noted thetime. The next day, I learned a close family member had passed on within two minutes ofthe precise time that Daisy had started barking and circling thebedroom.

I'm certain this family member had just stopped in to say a fond farewell. What a pity that only Daisy could see her.

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