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PQI Painted Places
Norwich, Connecticut finalist in"Prettiest Painted Places in America" contest

From elaborate Victorians to simple country charmers, painted houses are thestars of a nationwide contest to find the "Prettiest Painted Places inAmerica." 

The contest sponsor, the Paint Quality Institute, judged more than 300 homesand buildings throughout the country, assisted by judges from Better Homesand Gardens and Architecture magazines.

PQI contest
Telluride, Colorado

"Scores of American towns and neighborhoods are beautifying andprotecting their architectural heritage with quality paints and coatings, saidJohn Stauffer, director of the Paint Quality Institute. "This contest findsand acknowledges them."

The PQI sought out entries from towns, neighborhoods and historic districtswith an abundance of painted homes and buildings from small towns to cityneighborhoods. Invitations to enter the competition were sent to nearly 11,000tourism boards, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations inall 50 states.

Twenty seven regional finalists, three from each of nine geographic regions,were selected with one winner in each region. A separate contest for Canada wasalso held. For more information on either contest, see the PaintQuality Institute Web site.

Gallery of winners

Below are some of the winners. Click on any of the pictures to see a muchlarger view of a photo. 

Warrenton, Virginia

Norwich, Connecticut

Norwich, Connecticut

Lake Charles
Lake St. Charles, Louisiana

Eureka, California

Cape May
Cape May, New Jersey

Marshall, Michigan

Telluride, Colorado

Ferndale, California

Ferndale, California

New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

Leadville, Colorado

(Click on any picture for larger view)

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All photos in this story are courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute, aneducational and research organization sponsored by Rohm and Haas Company, aleading supplier of specialty chemicals, including those used manufacturingpaint and paint-related coatings.

The Paint Quality Institute educatesconsumers, painting professionals and paint sales people about the benefits ofusing quality paints.

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