1700s New England Large

1700s New England Large

  • New England Large
    A look at this style of house and the town of Newburyport in its heyday as a seaport
  • A sense of history

    An index to a fascinating chronicle of the restoration of Nancy Platteborze's 18th century house

  • Into the abyss again
    Forced into quick action by a misguided plumber
  • Dating an old house
    Curiosity and persistence help uncover the history of this 250-year-old house
  • Just give me white...
    ...she mumbled to the lumberyard clerk. So how did this 1700s Colonial end up with its distinctive "muted mulberry" clapboards?
  • Starting over
    Left in the lurch by her first contractor, Nancy and her 1700s house begin their recovery
  • Needs T.L.C.
    Just a bit -- like sills, walls, ceilings, a kitchen. Talk about your overwhelming beginnings
  • You and Me, Baby...
    My house and I were in the same boat: We'd stay afloat or go down together. These were very, very dark days.
  • Penniless and Hopeless
    Cash-poor but willing to pay in sweat equity, Nancy begins the search for her fixer-upper
  • An Introduction
    Meet Nancy Platteborze, who is trying to save an old house with love, hard work and an appreciation of history
  • How it all began
    What led me to my 1700s New England Large
  • Project Capsule
    A brief outline of Nancy's efforts to buy and restore a 1700s New England Large

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