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This original Eichler kitchen from 1960 was in need of a 1990's face lift.However, the designers did not want to eliminate the signs and style of the originaldesign. Instead, they wanted to reintroduce some of the details of that era and modernizeit. The busy family whom resided in the home wanted a kitchen that invited friends andconversations, and felt comfortable and welcoming, while being space efficient andfunctional.

One of the existing problems was insufficient counter space. More wascreated by building a wall over a side window and running upper cabinets along it. Thedesigner also incorporated a slide-in range with a stainless steel floating counter aboveit, and extended the existing island for more space. Although the room was an opengalley-style kitchen, the overhead hanging cabinet above the stovetop prevented thekitchen from being a part of the open-plan living room. So the designers eliminated theoverhead cabinets, opening up the room to the rest of house and bringing in more naturallight.

The designers then used some of the materials popular in the 1950s and1960s, allowing them to recreate the look of the era with today's modern conveniences.Strong colors in the glass mosaic backsplash and laminate cabinets and countertops helpedcreate a 50s look. The designers also included a message center made from a restaurantspinner, open curved counter ends and shelves and straight-edged cabinets for a modernminimalist look throughout.

This kitchen was a third-place award winner in the National Kitchen and BathAssociation's 1999 Design Competition. Design & Construction Info:

Matthew Harrigan & Lili Brandt
14589 S Bascom Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95032-2026
(408) 356-1790

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