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The Carlin

From Sears' 1918 catalog, here is the description of the Carlin, described as a house "for better class workers."

The Carlin, No. 3031, "Already Cut and Fitted" $1,172

"At the above price we will furnish all the material to build this five-room house, consisting of lumber, lath, roofing, mill work, flooring, porch ceiling, siding, finishing lumber, building paper, eaves trough, down spout, sash weights, hardware and painting material. We guarantee enough material to build this house. Price does not include cement, brick or plaster.

This house is somewhat similar in appearance and arrangement to our Lebanon Modern Home, illustrated on page 39. The exterior is quite pleasing and the balcony on the second floor is a much desired feature.

First Floor From the porch, a glazed door leads into the living room, which has an open stairway to the second floor. A cased opening leads to the dining room and a swinging door into the kitchen. From the kitchen a stairway leads to the basement. There is a side door leading to the kitchen from the outside, so that it may be entered without passing through the other rooms.

Floor plans

Second Floor A stairway from the living room leads to two well arranged and good sized bedrooms, both of which have closets. A bathroom is also located on this floor. A door can be substituted for one of the windows leading to the balcony at very little expense.

We furnish our best "Quality Guaranteed" mill work, described on pages 120 and 121. Interior doors are five-cross panel, with trim and flooring to match, all yellow pine, in beautiful grain and color. Windows are made of clear California white pine, with good quality glass set in with best grade of putty.

Built on a concrete block foundation and excavated under entire house. We furnish clear cypress siding and extra heavy Firestone Chief Roofing. Framing lumber of No. 1 quality yellow pine.

Height of Ceilings Basement, 7 feet from floor to joists, with concrete floor. First floor, 9 feet from floor to ceiling. Second floor, 8 feet 3 inches from floor to ceiling.

Paint for two coats outside, your choice of color. Varnish and wood filler for interior finish. Stratford Design Hardware, see page 129.

OPTIONS Sheet Plaster and Plaster Finish to take the place of wood lath, $68 extra. This house can be built on a lot 30 feet wide.

If ESTIMATES and SPECIFICATIONS for plumbing, hot water, steam or warm air heating systems are desired, write for them, mentioning The Carlin Modern Home in your request.

"Our Guarantee Protects You -- Order Your House From This Book"

Eight-two years later: A Carlinville Carlin, minus its balcony railing, but sporting most of its other original trim and features.

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