The Old-House Kitchen Magazine Scenes

By The Old House Web
By Kendall Holmes

Scenes from magazines~~ Scenes from real life

Gleaned from ads from 1930s and '40s magazines, these illustrations show kitchens as they were supposed to be in new houses from the era.

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As you browse the pictures, note of the cabinetry: In many scenes from modern kitchens of the day, cabinets are white -- and they are metal.

And note the colors that were used to play off against that white cabinetry: Strong reds, greens and yellows.

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My own, late 1940s kitchen features a mid 1940s Roper gas range similar to the one in this sketch. After a half century, the burners all work and the thermostat is true. What more could you ask?

The same kitchen (mine) still has a full set of white metal cabinets by Youngstown Kitchens. After 50+ years, none of the cabinets is dented -- and the drawers still work.

On the other hand, my own kitchen's original refrigerator is long gone. But having once lived in a rural Maine with a 1947, 10.1 cubic foot refrigerator, I (for one) would say purism has its limits . . .

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Funny, but I don't remember my own mother donning high-heels and a big smile to do dishes when I was a kid. Butthen again, we didn't have a dishwasher.

Finally, I've included these last two pictures because of the clever built-in dining niches they portray.

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