The Old-House Kitchen Real Life Scenes

By The Old House Web
By Kendall Holmes

Scenes from magazines ~~ Scenes from real life

During the 1930s and early 1940s, a group of U.S. government photographers fanned out across the nation to capture scenes of daily life -- especially those that would show how rural Americans were coping with the Great Depression.

The images they captured are among the most famous documentary photographs ever produced.

Here are several showing kitchens from the era.

8a12961rf.jpg (9927 bytes)"Mrs. Haubeil in her kitchen of her home, Ross County, Ohio"

Arthur Rothstein, photographer.

February 1940.


8b28609rf.jpg (10532 bytes)"Mr. and Mrs. Andey Smith in the kitchen of their new home. Greenwood, Alabama"

Arthur Rothstein, photographer.

Februrary 1937.

8a21715rf.jpg (8531 bytes)"Sink, refrigerator and stove in the kitchen of the model house at Greendale, Wisconsin"

Russell Lee photographer.

March 1937

kitchen1f.jpg (10007 bytes)"Homesteader canning vegetables in her new kitchen. Austin Homesteads, Minnesota"

Paul Carter, photographer.

August 1936

8c51481rf.jpg (8908 bytes)"Interior of kitchen showing arrangement of facilities. Newport News Homesteads, Virginia"

Paul Carter, photographer.

September 1936

8b28403rf.jpg (5496 bytes)"Doing Dishes in a New Home in Greenbelt, Maryland"

Arthur Rothstein, photographer.

November 1936

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