Vernacular Farmhouse, 1700-1910

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Severe simplicity, functionality, and a straightforward appearance are thecharacteristics of this style. Typically, 1 1/2-stories with a gable roof, thestructure may be an "L" or "T" in plan. Corbelled center orend chimneys and 6/6 double-hung windows are common. Unembellished frieze boardsand corner boards often serve as the sole ornamentation.

Stanford HouseThehistoric 19th century farmhouse pictured at right is located in the Cuyahoga Valley near Peninsula,Ohio. The HostellingInternational Stanford House Hostel was built by one of the first settlers in theWestern Reserve. The farm house, witha rich and colorful history, was built in about 1830 by George Stanford.Purchased by the National Park Service in 1978, the hostel has been carefullyrestored by the National Park Service and Northeast Ohio Council (NOC) ofAmerican Youth Hostels (AYH).

Picture and graphic by the National ParkService.

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