Apple cider, vibrant foliage, and old houses?

By: Conrad Neuf , Contributing Writer
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Autumn is finally here and for many parts of the country it's not a moment too soon. The crisp afternoons and cool evenings of the season can provide a much needed respite from the record breaking heat of the past several months.

So what's on your family's agenda now that you can venture outside without risking heat stroke? Depending on where you live, autumn can be a time for weekend drives in the country to enjoy the changing leaves. Nationalparkstraveler.com is predicting that at least in the east, this might be a great year for vibrant colors.

This is also the time of year when apples get their moment in the limelight. Whether you prefer the fruit in pies, dumplings, cider, or donuts, roadside stands that dot the countryside can satisfy your apple cravings. However, there's one other autumn excursion that you might want to consider: taking your family on a tour of your region's historic old houses.

old house and fall foliage

Old house fall festivals

As an old house enthusiast, you probably know that spring and the end of the year holidays are usually the times of the year most associated with touring historic homes. But don't forget autumn -- what better time for a road trip into history than when the leaves are turning and there are plenty of options for roadside refreshments? If you happen to be in the neighborhood or just an autumn road-trip away, consider stopping by one of these old house fall festivals:

Conyers Olde Town Fall Festival

The Fall Festival in historic old town Conyers, GA is in its 32nd year and still going strong. Enjoy a little southern food while strolling the streets of this small Georgia town -- this year's festival is October 20 and kicks off at 10:00 AM.

Beaufort Fall Festival of Houses and Gardens

If you're a fan of the many architectural styles of the Old South, it doesn't get much better than Beaufort, SC. Their annual Fall Festival of Houses and Gardens provides a walking tour of many of the area's historic homes and plantations -- some of which you can even view from the inside. The event runs from October 26 through the 28th.

San Diego Old Town Art Festival

While not specifically about old houses, it may be hard to miss them while browsing the streets of Old Town San Diego during their annual art festival. This west coast city has a rich history and boasts architectural styles every bit as beautiful as anything found in New England or the Old South. Admission is free for this event that takes place on the 6th and 7th of October.

These are just a few of the fall festivals across the country that might be of interest to old house enthusiasts. Check your local paper for festivities that might be a bit closer to you. Apples, cool temperatures, vibrant foliage, and old houses -- what better way to spend an autumn afternoon?