Dealing with Dust: More Carpenter’s Survival Tips

By: Mark Clement , Contributing Writer
In: Old Houses, Home Improvement Tips

Paul writes: This dust controlling measure is a great idea, thanks. I will be remodeling a foyer, but need constant access to the front door. Has anyone got any ideas on how to keep dirt and sawdust from constantly being tracked into the house?

Dealing with Dust during a Remodel

Sounds like the blast gate door might work for you as far as trapping airborne dust. But to keep the dust carried by your boots from entering the house, there are a couple of other approaches I find effective.

  1. The expectation from all involved that nothing totally works.
  2. A 4×4-ish sheet of Oatey shower pan liner makes a great door mat. It doesn’t really slide around on smooth surfaces like a finished floor and if you use the blast gate door the door should still swing because it lays flat.
  3. At the end of the Oatey you might try leaving a door mat to give your boots a second scrub. If your mate won’t let you use a regular doormat for construction debris (understandable) I’ve had good luck screwing one of those blue AC filters to a small sheet of plywood (with truss-head lath screws) to act as a rugged and cheap door mat.
  4. I do not say this facetiously: Have you thought of closing the foyer off and using the back door only for egress into/out of the house? Front door and foyer is construction-only.
  5. I also love cardboard for helping trap tracked-in dust. Big sheets of it blue-taped to the floor. You can even sweep it. Try that with a drop-cloth! I’m working on my kitchen right now and have cardboard all over the place protecting it.

I hope some of this gets you on the right…heh, heh…track.