Stairway Renovation and Joan River's Face

By: Myryah Irby , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Blogger Contest

The next finalist in our Old House Blogger contest is Sara from Wisconsin. Her motto is “DIY or Die Trying.” Although her stairway renovation looks great to us, she claims that like Joan River’s face, it’s never really ‘done.’

Russet Street Reno’s post: A Step in the Right Direction details the before, along the way, and after of this difficult home renovation project that included tearing off wallpaper and painting the 15 foot ceilings and walls along the stairwell. Here’s one of her before shots:

Russet Street Reno's old stairwell

Russet Street Reno's stairwell before

and an after:

Dig that Varathane Espresso stain!

Dig that Varathane Espresso stain!

Warning: if you’re planning to visit Russet Street Reno’s post while at work and are easily distracted by bulging, tatooed biceps (c/o Sara’s partner, Shawn) be sure to scroll quickly past photo #5.

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