I'm Dreaming of a Paranormal Christmas

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And the entries keep pouring in. Another spooky story in our Ghost Stories Blog Contest, this one comes from Lynda.

A woman I used to work with moved from Florida to Pennsylvania having never seen snow.  She and her husband bought an old farmhouse in Lancaster County. The first winter in the house, being Pennsylvania, they of course had lots of snow.

During the first snow she took lots of pictures of the house and yard, not only from the outside but through the picture window in the living room.  When they got the pictures back, the shots she had taken through the front window showed an old cemetery that was not actually there.  She thought perhaps something had happened at the film processing shop (this was years before digital photography) and checked with the guy who did the developing.  He had developed no pictures of a cemetery.

Upon further investigation, they discovered that there had been a family cemetery there years before, but for some reason the bodies had been moved to the town cemetery and the land had been plowed under.  I know it sounds unbelievable, but I’ve seen these pictures and they were actually sent to the paranormal division at Stanford for study.  I don’t know what they discovered, but it creeps me out to think about it!